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2-year guarantee

If there are any product faults within the guarantee period of two years then the guarantee is your security for quick assistance free of cost. Bring your invoice and receipt for payment when you contact your dealer or local bike shop. If information on the invoice has been removed or changed, then Triobike reserve the right to deny carrying out the guarantee.

The guarantee only applies to errors in the material, shape/design or functionality. Excluded from the warranty are all the parts subjected to normal wear and tear (such as; tyres, tubes, spokes, chain, rims, brake pads, etc.) and the periodic control and inspection. All warranties are void if the bicycle is used for other than normal activities including, but not limited, commercial activities or competitive events, such as bicycle racing, bicycle motocross racing, stunt riding, ramp jumping or similar activities, and training for such activities or events.
The warranties are void in case of failure to follow the owner’s manual using the bicycle.

In case of service/repair, the customer is always responsible for the transportation of the bike to/from the Triobike shop/Dealer/Service partner, no matter the cause.
In no event shall Triobike be responsible for incidental or consequential damages, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, or product liability, or any other theory, including, without limitation, personal injury damages, property damage or economic losses.

This guarantee does not influence your legal rights. If no legal law is relevant, your rights are restricted to the contents in the guarantee. Triobike makes no other warranties, express or implied. All implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to that of the express warranties stated above.


Sometimes your Triobike needs love and care.

Please contact the nearest Triobike dealer.
You can find our official dealers here.


Is a Triobike wider than other cargo bikes?

No. All cargo bikes have a wheel width (distance between the two front wheels) of approx. 90 cm. This is a good width as it provides stable and manoeuvrable handling and enough space for your kids and groceries. If the wheel width is reduced, your ride will become unstable and your bike may tip over when turning (and, of course, we don’t want that).


Is a Triobike expensive?

The price of cargo bikes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but a Triobike is not more expensive than other quality cargo bikes. When you buy a Triobike, you get a durable, safety-approved cargo bike of extremely high quality with a long life expectancy, small repair costs and a high resale value.


Is a white Triobike easy to maintain?

Yes. Actually it’s surprisingly easy to maintain. The pod is made from a solid, coloured plastic. Scratches and marks are therefore difficult to see and make the bike easy to maintain.


Where is Triobike made?

At least half of each Triobike is manufactured in Denmark. This includes the pod, seats, safety belts, hood, stainless steel brackets etc. The bike frame is made in Taiwan. Taiwan is the leading manufacturer in the world, when it comes to high-quality aluminium bikes. There are no manufacturers in Europe that make aluminium frames.


Do Triobike hood colours fade?

No. Our hoods do not fade. Thanks to a special material that is 100% UV stable (it’s also water resistant and fire tested!). Each hood is hand-sewn (by order) by our expert upholsterers.


Who can service and repair my bike?

Any certified bicycle mechanic can repair your Triobike. The choice is yours. Is your bike with electric motor you need to make sure that they are up to date with software and are skilled to do it. You are always welcome to contact our support on support@triobike.dk. For Copenhagen area residents, you can contact our support partner Ren Cykel.


Does a Triobike have customised components?

No. All parts are made from standard components. This ensures that no matter where you live, a certified bicycle mechanic will always be able to service and repair your Triobike.


I’ve lost my key for the lock/battery, can I get new keys?

Yes. As long as you have the key number.
Click here for Axa lock (lock on the bike and batteries)
Click here for Abus duty lock (big chain lock)


Where do I find the frame number on my Triobike?

Older models (before 2017): you can find the number under the box, on the right side on the frame that carries the box. Newer models (after 2017): you can find the number on the right side of the seat tube (the tube that carries the saddle post). Triobike frame numbers always begin with WTRI.


I’m interested in becoming a Triobike dealer, what do I do?

How great, thanks for the interest. Please send us some info* to info@triobike.dk

*Tell us a little about yourself, your store, the brands that you carry, link to your website, type of models you are interested in. If you become a dealer all chosen Triobike models and accessories must be displayed on your website with the correct visual identity. (You will be given access to our photo database.) You must have minimum one demo model on display at your shop that can be used for demonstration, test drives and visual inspection. This will help sales and the overall customer experience. Let’s help each other move people from cars to bicycles, and take care of planet earth together!