the way
we experiment

the triolab

We love to challenge ourselves and have an insatiable curiosity to discover and push boundaries within the cargo bike industry. This is why we’ve created a unique space dedicated to play, to questions, experimentation, big ambitions and dreams. We call this the Triolab. Here we try out ideas that are new, daring and, if we must be honest, sometimes a little crazy.

Discoveries in the Triolab can also trickle down into our product range to benefit the entire Triobike community. For example, we integrated brake and gear cables into the frame to not only protect them and make them last longer with less maintenance, but to also create a more aesthetic design overall. Never satisfied, we’ve already moved on to our next project — designing a totally new kind of cargo bike with new and innovative materials. A bike without limits, where everything is possible. Stay tuned …

the way
we innovate


Innovation projects are what fuel our passion and drive us forward. We are never happy with what is, we are always looking for new frontiers in urban mobility. For us, thinking big is essential. Experimentation is key. And working tirelessly to craft the tiniest of details is a given. As a testament to this, we have created the Triolab. A unique space dedicated purely to play, to questions, experimentation, big ambitions and dreams.

the way
we collaborate


We are always open to interesting collaborations with like-minded people who share our passion for city biking and new ideas in urban mobility. This is how we grow and stay inspired. Previous collaborations have been with Royal Copenhagen, Cycling Without Age, LéLé, Rotzau and Cometa amongst others. We look forward to many more.

triobike cargo TT

We wanted to build a lighter cargo bike. In fact, we wanted to build the lightest cargo bike in the world. The result? A piece of cargo bike art: The Triobike cargo TT. A beautiful piece of engineering and the lightest cargo bikes in the world, thanks to its 100% carbon fiber frame. Our in-house engineer spent over 650 hours carefully hand-crafting and fine-tuning every detail. This work was not commissioned, but was fueled by our passion and persistent curiosity. It will be on permanent display in our flagship store in Copenhagen.

Triobike CARGO TT – Carbon
Hand-crafted in Copenhagen
frame 5.960 g / total 13.382 g

triobike & Cycloon

In March 2017, triobike began an exciting collaboration with Dutch Post and Bike Courier company, Cycloon, in Amsterdam. Cycloon are the biggest bike courier company in Europe, delivering cargo in ten cities every day with around 250 bike couriers! With this many deliveries, they wanted to find an even cleaner, faster and more affordable solution for inner cities.

We were happy to take up this challenge and created the brand new triobike cargo big. The cargo big has a 24cm longer loading deck with an additional 30% more space than our regular cargo – meaning every fourth load is basically free! This innovation, together with our new cargo big accessories, lets messengers not only carry bigger deliveries, but all kinds of odd shapes and sizes as well! This inner-city delivery revolution is good for business and great for our planet – a big win-win for all!

The triobike cargo big saves delivery companies like Cycloon loads of time and money without compromising on speed, agility, riding pleasure or street style! Cycloon Founder and Director of Research and Development, Eddy te Rietstap, is pleased with the outcome of the collaboration: “The triobike cargo big answers many of our delivery and environmental needs. It is a great way to reduce traffic in inner cities and aligns perfectly with our company philosophy of sustainability and social good”.

triobike cargo c

Even if we all knew that the Triobike cargo was a pretty masculine cargo bike, we decided to try to transform it into something more delicate and graceful. The result is the Triobike cargo C: a one of a kind cargo bike that combines advanced engineering with well-crafted finishes in stylish materials like copper, leather and wood. The vintage-style bell, copper fenders and beautiful, leather Brooks seat exude style. And the old-school wooden cargo box with door and water-resistant cover ensure your cargo not only looks great, but also protects your goods in all circumstances.
Transport yourself back to the good old days whilst effortlessly delivering heavy loads anywhere in the city with the Triobike cargo C.

triobike cargo frame kit

Do you want to make your own version of the Triobike cargo?
The raw frame kit allows you to build up your own and personal version of the cargo. Lightweight and incredibly strong alloy frame and front fork, 2x FSA headsets, QR 15 mm axle, one piece steering rod, exchangeable dropouts, adjustable stem extender, QR seat clamp and kickstand.

Interested in ordering a Triobike cargo and cargo big frame kits?
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triobike mono R

The Triobike mono R is the fast and slick racing edition of our popular Triobike mono cargo bikes. The gears, crank set, brakes, seat, handlebar, seat post, tyres, rim, sprockets and spokes have all been stream-lined and refined for speed. Smile as you glide passed traffic jams on busy Monday mornings. City commuting has never been more fun!

Interested in having the fastest and sportiest Triobike mono?
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triobike & Royal Copenhagen

The worlds of urban mobility and hand-painted Danish porcelain may not be the most obvious fit. But when we were invited to collaborate with Royal Copenhagen back in 2010, we grabbed the opportunity and felt extremely proud that such an iconic Danish brand would choose us to be the first brand in the world to collaborate with on a co-branding project. We quickly discovered we had a lot in common – appreciation for beauty, no compromise on quality and, of course, we’re both Danish.

Together we created a unique, hand-painted cargo bike – a mobile piece of objet d’art. This was also the first time Royal Copenhagen allowed any other brand to use their emblematic floral, blue-fluted decoration in a design. We were honoured. The Royal Copenhagen Triobike was exhibited at the famous designer shop in Illums Bolighus in June 2010. It was a special moment to see our beautiful Triobike (affectionately named “teacup”) on display. Find out more about Royal Copenhagen here.

triobike & Cycling Without Age

Urban mobility is not just for young, dynamic people living in cities. For us it has no age. Which is why we began a collaboration with ‘Cycling Without Age’ back in 2014. This leading international movement has a global force of kind-hearted volunteer pilots who offer free bike rides for the elderly. They believe that everyone, especially the elderly and less-abled, have “the right to wind in their hair”. Our Triobike taxi with room for two adult passengers is the perfect way to ensure this right.

A Triobike taxi ride is a great way to build friendships between generations, share stories and take lazy Sunday afternoon trips down memory lane. Destinations are not fixed, times are relaxed and options are open. Even at 90 years of age, the trio way is still fun and spontaneous.

Triobike and ‘Cycling Without Age’ take the elderly and less-abled to all corners of Denmark and are now riding in 28 countries around the world (including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland and many others). We hope to continue being a part of this inspiring movement for many years to come (perhaps until we ourselves need a little “wind in our hair”). Find out more about ‘Cycling Without Age’ here.