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The ultimate alternative to the family car. The Triobike hafnia is both esthetical and functional. The bike has been designed and developed at our HQ in Copenhagen. The hafnia is a strong and solid family bike that is designed to overcome any urban terrain. With its anti-freeze cable routing and extensive corrosion treatment the hafnia is prepped for any kind weather. Say yes to freedom, explore alternative routes, just you, your kids, loads of stuff and the open road.

big volume, high strength

The Triobike hafnia is a tank in disguise.​
Thanks to its anti-tip design, its massive tires, the cambered front wheels and its inclining rear frame, the hafnia maneuvers easily through corners, also with 4 kids in the pod. Riding the hafnia feels smooth, stable and safety is not compromised at all. With the electric system, the mechanical build up, the seat belts, hydraulic disc brakes and the protection from the box, the hafnia lives up to the demanding German TÜV heinland Certification.​
Kids, pets, groceries, gardening tools, large packages, even a Christmas tree, bring it on. The spacious box module is practical to stack.​

plenty of room

The Triobike hafnia pod is big and spacious. The box is squared for easy stacking and has a volume of 280 liters. The hafnia can handle big bumps and heavy loads on any urban road. The box is easy for kids to enter and exit, thanks to its step ins, two at each side.​

reliable e-power system

With the e–power systems on the Triobike hafnia, you can cruise even when fully loaded. Long journeys become a breeze! The powerful motor is reliable and do all the work for you in complete silence. The display keeps track of your battery level, distance travelled and speed (and for your more energetic days, feel free to adjust the motor and do a little leg work yourself). All E-Systems provided by Triobike comply with EN 15194 standard.

brake safely

The Triobike hafnia is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes: even at high speeds and with the pod fully loaded, applying a small squeeze on the brake levers will get you to a full stop in a short distance. The Triobike hafnia is equipped with a parking lock too: you can easily activate the P-lock with one hand, allowing you to load or unload in a safe and relaxed.

stable and fun

On the Triobike hafnia the front wheels have a “negative” camber. This is to improve the handling and stability of the bike during the ride. Furthermore, hafnia’s rear frame is designed to lean to the inside when turning. This feature not only offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience: having the rider’s mass lean to the same side as the turn also increases stability and the riding comfort. Who said it was not easy to ride a 3 wheeler?

let there be light

The Triobike hafnia, comes with full integrated front and rear lights as part of the standard equipment. The integrated lights are connected to the motor’s battery, so there’s no hassle with battery change. With a slight touch on the remote, you can turn the lights on and off.​

the seats

Your kids’ safety and comfort are top of our list. The hafnia is designed to carry up to 4 kids. The seats are ergonomically designed and comfortable to sit on. Ice cream, ketchup, sun lotion and chocolate are no match – it’s easy to clean.

the hood

We’ve ensured that the Triobike hafnia hood will keep your kids or groceries dry and protected in any kind of weather.​
The hood has a window at the rear, so you can keep an eye on your kids as they enjoy the view. The hood is removable for those sunny days or you can choose to zip open the windows on each side.​

the hafnia