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The Triobike Boxter Air II is designed and developed in Denmark with a focus on an exceptional combination of aesthetics, safety, and excellent driving characteristics.

This environmentally friendly alternative to the family car is equipped with a Bafang M400 motor. Triobike’s anti-tip design ensures stability and safety during rides, especially through turns. The Triobike Boxter Air II accommodates the entire family with an impressive cargo capacity of 150kg in the box. The Boxter Air II is a sensible choice for life’s small and big adventures.

4 children, the family dog, and all your shopping bags

Is there anything better than having space for everything you desire? Children, pets, groceries, potted plants, furniture, or a Christmas tree. The cargo area is designed to optimize the full width of the bike. It provides you with maximum space without occupying too much of the bike lane.

The Boxter Air II is designed for families with children. The box is molded in one seamless piece, without any sharp edges or joints, and the floor is non-slip, creating a secure environment for children and the family dog on the cargo bike

space for everything

The cargo area on the Triobike Boxter Air II is large, lightweight, and robust. The cargo space is molded in one durable and impact-resistant piece, totaling 280 liters – completely seamless. With its strong and lightweight construction, you don’t need to worry about either significant bumps or heavy loads when you’re heading out for adventures.

strong and reliable motor

With a Bafang M400 center motor, you get a powerful 80Nm motor. The acceleration is smooth and nearly silent. It effortlessly handles inclines and hills, even with a fully loaded cargo.

On the large display, you can easily choose between 5 different levels of motor assistance. You get an overview of speed, battery consumption, distance traveled, and the remaining distance until the battery runs out

efficient brakes

The Triobike Boxter Air II is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels! The Bengal brakes ensure that with a gentle press of the handbrake, you can stop safely and efficiently, even when the bike is fully loaded and at high speed. The parking lock can be activated with just one hand, easily, quickly, and safely

triobike anti-tip

Experience ultimate joy and safety with the Triobike Boxter CL and its secure ‘anti-tip’ design. The front wheels on the Triobike Boxter Air II are elegantly angled, making your ride more stable and secure. The frame design is carefully tuned to lean slightly inward during turns, creating a smooth and comfortable driving experience while enhancing stability and safety. We call it Triobike Anti-Tip because we have eliminated the concern of losing balance and set a new standard in driving safety.
Now you can enjoy your journey into the unknown with plenty of turns, both left and right – Triobike Anti-Tip is driving pleasure without compromise

step in

When ordering your Triobike Boxter Air II, you should consider a step-in/footstep. The footstep is designed to make it easier for your children to step in or out of the cargo area. The footstep reduces the height that needs to be climbed by 16 cm. A smart and practical solution for younger children.

see and be seen

The Triobike Boxter Air II comes with powerful LED front and rear lights. Both headlights are positioned between the wheels and the cargo area. The headlights provide a good and powerful light on the road as well as on the side of the cargo area, enhancing safety by making you visible from the front and the side.
Both the front and rear lights are connected to the bike’s battery and can be operated via the display.

a silent gear shift

The Triobike Boxter Air II is equipped with Enviolo HD continuously variable transmission.
The Enviolo HD (Heavy Duty) continuously variable gear is developed for cargo bikes. It allows you to shift gears while stationary and during high-load rides, such as uphill with a fully loaded cargo. With the Enviolo HD continuously variable gear system, finding the perfect gear is easy. Gear shifts occur in a seamless transition, effortlessly and quietly.

the hood

No matter where the road takes you, we have developed a canopy that gets you there safely, stylishly, and dry. The canopy on a Boxter Air II is of the highest quality. It has been thoroughly tested to withstand all kinds of weather, whether it’s summer or winter.
Made from through-dyed acrylic fiber, we have the perfect material that makes your canopy waterproof, fire-resistant, and 100% resistant to UV light.
With the rear window, you can easily keep an eye on the kids, and with windows on both sides and a skylight, you get fantastic light in the cabin. The front, right side, and most of the roof can be opened, allowing the kids to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.
The canopy is available in several attractive colors.

the seats

When you choose a Boxter Air II, the kids sit comfortably, securely and stylish.
The seats are heavily padded with a comfortable foam core, and with the soft backrests, you get the perfect ergonomic seating position.
All seats come with CE-approved safety belts.
The seats are available in several attractive colors. Ice cream, ketchup, sun lotion or chocolate are no challenge; the seats can be easily wiped off.

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