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Our bikes are equipped with the powerful Brose Drive S mid drive motor. With its torque of 90 Nm, it’s the most powerful and silent pedelec motor on the market. The basis of the Brose e-bike system is a steering motor produced millions of times over for cars and manufactured in accordance with the strictest automotive quality standards. This drive has been consistently developed and perfected over recent years for use in high-quality e-bikes. Production of the drive system takes place at the Brose manufacturing plant in Berlin. We are thus proud to offer our e-bike with motors truly ‘Made in Germany’. Together with the motor, our mid drive pedelecs are equipped with a very easy to read display and a remote control placed on the handlebar. You can keep track of the battery level, distance and speed and you can choose exactly how much help you want from the motor without looking down and moving the hands from the handlebar. Enjoy the ride!

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