hello Copenhagen
let’s bike

let’s brunch

One of our favourite Copenhagen brunch spots is Union Kitchen. Try the delicious croissant sandwich and enjoy coffee with a little ‘Latte art’. It can get a bit crowded on weekends, so you may want to try Mad&Kaffe, a short 15 minute bike ride away – here you have the freedom to combine items for your perfect brunch and can enjoy good weather outside. It’s located on Sønder Boulevard, a regenerated green strip in the city and the perfect spot to relax and stretch your legs.

Papirøen (Paper Island) is another great brunch option. It’s a street foodhall with art and showrooms where you can enjoy many tasty options including the city’s best French fries cooked in duck fat. You can also try the more healthy option of vegetarian sushi or a Monster Mojito (it’s 3 liters, so we are not kidding). Just park, grab a bite, a drink and a couple of deck chairs and enjoy the “hygge” atmosphere.

For a special savoury treat you can also visit Royal Smushi Café, just seven minutes away. Enjoy their beautifully designed creations combining classical Danish dishes made from seasonal produce (Smørrebrød), served in delicate, carefully-presented portions the size of sushi – hence, Smushi! Every creation is served on hand-painted Royal Copenhagen porcelain and the small portions mean you can try out a variety of taste sensations in every meal.

let’s be inspired

Cycling has been elevated to a truly joyous experience in some parts of Copenhagen. One such place is near the southern harbour where you’ll find one of the world’s most famous city cycle paths – ‘the ‘S-shaped’ Cycle Snake. This inviting 4m wide curve let’s you ‘fly’ over the water and above pedestrians with grace and style. You and your kids will love it!

You can also experience the free-spirited lifestyle of Christiania, a famous Danish community endorsing harmony, sustainability and care for our planet. Christiania was established in 1971 by a group of free-thinkers who were not so fond of rules. They occupied some abandoned military barracks and developed their own society completely independent from the Danish Government. Freetown Christiania is an interesting mix of hand-made houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature. In summer it’s the perfect place to park your bike by the lake and meet some interesting people enjoying themselves out in the sun. The spirit of Christiania actually inspired the cargo bike movement in Denmark (and around the world) as people wanted to express their love for our planet through clean, unrestricted movement around the city.

Our final piece of inspiration comes from iconic Dansh furniture design. Much of your Triobike comfort is thanks to famous Danish furniture designers, like Arne Jacobsen (designer of the ‘Egg’ and ‘Swan’). See an extensive collection of beautiful classic designs at the Danish Design Museum in the city center. Well worth the ride.

let’s play

We love science and engineering. So we highly recommend a visit to the recently reopened science institute, Experimentarium in Hellerup. It is a 10 minute cycle from the city center and a huge space where kids can learn about science hands-on while also having loads of fun (could they become our future Triobike engineers?). If the weather’s too good to be inside, you’ll love the Harbour Bath in Island Brygge. It’s a safe place along the canals where kids can play, swim and jump from a ramp. There’s also the option to take a fun and inexpensive boat trip with GoBoat.

let’s be sweet

After a long day of adventures you might be craving something sweet. If you’re a cheesecake lover, then we recommend Bertels Salon, winner of the ‘Best cheesecake in Copenhagen’ award. And if you want some of the finest, traditional cakes and pastries in the city, you’ll find them hand-crafted by true artisans at Conditori La Glace – the oldest pastry shop in Copenhagen. This iconic patisery from 1870 is a piece of Danish history with an interior conserved just as it was back when they knew what quality really was.



let’s eat

For dinner we recommend Fleisch (meaning “flesh” in English). This vibrant restaurant serves original and alternative new-Danish cuisine in Kodbyen, the former meat packing district of Copenhagen now transformed into a mecca of bars, restaurants, party venues and art exhibitions. If you prefer something more intimate, then you’ll enjoy La Forketta. A small restaurant in Norrebro, just next to the lakes. This cosy eatery offers a very limited menu, but with the very best ingredients and recipes from central Italy. If you want to spend the evening with your family, then cycle over to Illum in the city center’ Located on the rooftop is Rossopomodoro. Here you can not only enjoy authentic pizza cooked in a wood oven, but also admire vast vistas of Danish rooftops and skylines.

let’s party

If you still have energy to go out when the kids are asleep, then make sure your Triobike ray light is on keeping you safe as you explore Copenhagen by night and in style. We like experimenting with styles of music, so here are a few different options … the live jazz sessions at La Fountain, Reggae at RUST in the heart Norrebro, and live concerts, both big and small at VEGA. You’ll also find great electro music at Culture Box – this club has been awarded ‘The best club in Denmark’ title six times! And, if you’re not into music or clubbing and just want some quiet, cosy time, then find yourself a hygge bar on just about any city corner, park your bike and solve the wolrd’s problems over a good glass or three of red wine.

let’s get back to nature

With Triobike you can easily get close to nature. Start with any of Copenhagen’s parks and gardens — King’s Garden, the Botanical Gardens, Fælledparken … we can’t pick just one. You can park in, well, any park and unpack your kids and picnic goods right where you want them. And ‘Greater Copenhagen’ really is greater on a Triobike. Getting out of the city has never been easier – on three wheels with the kids in front and perhaps a little help from our motor, it’s a quiet and sustainable way to beat the city congestion. Head out to Amagerstrand for some kite surfing or do some deer-spotting at Dyrehaven. (add a bit of nostalgia to your trip by visiting the world’s oldest amusement park, Bakken, right next door!).