The new trioBike series - High-performance cargo bikes from trioBike

trioBike cargo bike – The family’s best friend?

With the design of the new, simplified trioBike we set out to develop the Worlds best and safest cargo bike. Nothing less!

trioBike a danish cargo bike

The new trioBike has been improved on several areas:

– trioBike has been tested and lives up to all demands in DS/EN 1888:2003.
This is your guarantee that the cargo bike safely can be used, carrying kids around in all urban environments.

– Improved driving position

– Increased stability

– Simpler design

– No phthalates or harmful chemicals

– More user friendly

– 1296 color combinations



– New trioBike Mono – Brilliant for transporting kids

– New trioBike Boxter – Extra space, 4 children, shopping bags and stuff

– New trioBike Mono E with Bionx engine – Extra power on the bike lanes

– New trioBike Boxter E with Bionx engine – Extra power on the bike lanes

– New trioBike Mono S – Race edition

– New trioBike Cargo – Our first two wheeled cargo bike


This is the story of the birth of the New trioBikes.

trioBike 2.0 – A whole new series of cargo bikes for all the family’s needs


By Sammy Eisinger

I started up trioBike in 2003 with the vision of making a danish cargo bike, where it would be possible to take of the front pod/carriage at the kid’s daycare center and continue to work on a “normal” bike and vice versa.

Everybody I spoke too, from bike dealers to business people to everyday cyclists said that the concept was great. And it was. On paper! Unfortunately the solution turned out to be not so practical in everyday life (My Cherry Coke experience). Only few customers used the three way functionality and its possibilities and the functionality of changing the bike had some negative effects on the otherwise good driving qualities.

So in 2009 I decided to re-invent the trioBike, focusing on families’ daily transportation needs instead of a certain functionality. I listened to the customers and asked a lot of critical questions: Should a good cargo bike primarily be light and maneuverable, be stable or be a functional bike? Should it mainly be used for transporting kids or for shopping groceries or both? What were the customers satisfied about with the existing carrier bike and what where they not so happy about?

Armed with plenty of answers my designers and I went back to the drawing board. We designed not just one cargo bike, but a series of cargo bikes. Together this complied with more or less all the needs families with kids have for getting around in urban environments around the world, smart simple & safe.

The result is a new generation of trioBikes accustomed to all the different needs. And which are the lightest, safest and most user friendly cargo bikes on the market.

With only 31.5 kg the trioBike mono is the lightest cargo bike on the market. It is absolutely the most tested bike and therefore has the highest level of safety. The cargo bike is made from standard bike components and is no more complicated than a normal 2 wheeled bike. Therefore the bike is easy to service no matter where in the world you live. Bearings are sealed, keeping water, dust and dirt out of the crank box and gear, making the cargo bike almost maintenance free.

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