trioBike Mono E - Cargo bike with electric motor

trioBike mono E

trioBike mono E
Electric cargo bike with extra power for transporting kids, groceries and for the long distances.
From EUR 4.800,-

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your mono E

cargo bike from trioBike. The new type of carrier bike and cargo bikes.

trioBike mono E advantages:

trioBike mono E equipped with our E –power system, riding a trioBike up a hill, even with the pod fully loaded is done with ease. The electric motor is very powerful and will do the job for you.

With the display on your trioBike mono E, you can always keep track of the battery level, distance, speed and even adjust how much help you want from the electric motor.

A trip of 30-40 km is not a challenge with a trioBike mono E

BionX D250DV
Motor – 250 Watts
Range up to – 100 KM
Battery – Li-Ion / 48V / 11.6 Ah / 555 Wh
Torque (Nom./Max.) – 25.0/50.0 Nm
Weight (System) – 8.1 kg
Assist Levels – 35, 75, 150, 300%
Wheel Sizes – 26“ (hydraulic disc brake)

E Power BIONX is available for the trioBike mono. We can mount one even on a used bike.



Frame – 7005 Aluminium
Gear – SRAM 8 speed.
Gearing – front chain wheel 42t – rear 22t
Crank box – Shimano box with sealed Bearings

Break lever – Aluminium with parking lock
Break Calibre – hydraulic SHIMANO BR-M395

Mudguards – Plastic
Chain – Anti rust threaded

Seat post – 31.6 mm
Seat post length – 450 mm
Saddle – with gel
Saddle width – 16.5
Saddle length – 27 cm

Pedal arm – Aluminium
Pedal arm’s length – 170 mm
Pedal – Aluminium

Bike Rim – Aluminium – Black double bottom (DM18 Alexrims)
Rear wheel size – 26”
Front wheels size – 20”
Bar stem – adjustable (accessory)
Handlebar hight – from the ground = 117 cm
Handlebar width – 65 cm
Lock original BASTA – 2009 new model

Box – impact proof sandwich construction made of vacuum formed ABS
Cables – Teflon cables from Jagwire

Box width outside – 80 cm
Box width inside – 74 cm
Box max length – 113 cm
Box max length inside – 83 cm

Allowed max weight inside carrier – 125 kg
Total width – 91 cm
trioBike mono gross weight – 31.5 kg
trioBike mono total lenght – 225 cm

Electrical motor – BionX D250 DV 26”

Hood: 100% colour through acryl fibres. Fire tested, water resistant, colour protection. Height from seat to top of hood – 68 cm.

Seat: free from PVC, fire proof, no heavy metals or other damaging chemicals. Super quality accepts ice cream, water, ketchup; chocolate etc. bench is easily folded up to accommodate more space.
Space: for 2 children up to 9 years

Harness: 5 point harness system


Service and warranty

When you purchase a new trioBike, we recommend that you have it fine tuned after 3 months of use. Hereafter have it serviced once every year. Your service partner is the shop you purchase your trioBike from. Most bike shops offer a free 3 months tune up. You can also contact a local bike shop. You must make sure that there staff is professional and knows how to service a trioBike.

If there against any expectation should occur a fault in the product within the guarantee period of two years – and if the fault is not due too irresponsible handling of the product by your part – the warranty is your security for quick assistance free of cost. Bring your invoice and receipt for payment when you contact your dealer or local bike shop.

trioBike A/S reserve the right to deny carrying out the warranty, if information on the invoice have been removed or changed. The warranty only applies for errors in the material, shape/design or functionality.

The warranty does not cover periodic control and inspection, repairs or changing of spare parts that have been destroyed due to wrong use or handling of the bicycle.

This warranty does not influence on your legal rights. If no legal law is relevant, your rights are restricted to the contents in the warranty.

trioBike A/S guarantees that your product is without errors in the materials, shape and functionality at the time of purchase. You are covered by a 2 year warranty. The warranty is valid with showing the original invoice. The following items are not covered by the guarantee: Tires, sprockets, tubes, chain and rims.

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