Live the
trio way

the trio way

Triobike is a way of looking at the world where you choose to be free and out-going. You choose to be open to life. Triobike lets you go where cars can not – through green parks and down charming side-streets, breathing healthy air with happy kids. Journeys become adventures, loads become lighter and days become brighter. You go where you want and you do it with a smile. We want to inspire everyone to greet each day with optimism and move through life with ease. This is what we call the trio way.

the way we craft

At Triobike, we love our cargo bikes. For us, a seat is not just a seat, a frame is not just a frame, it’s an invitation to challenge the status quo. Every day, we put our hearts, minds and souls into the tiniest of details to create the best cargo bikes in the world.


the way we innovate

Innovation projects are what fuel our passion and drive us forward. We are never happy with what is, we are always looking for new frontiers in urban mobility. For us, thinking big is essential. Experimentation is key. And working tirelessly to craft the tiniest of details is a given. As a testament to this, we have created the Triolab. A unique space dedicated purely to play, to questions, experimentation, big ambitions and dreams. Read more about Triolab here.

let’s explore

As lovers of craft, we’re always searching for the best materials, fabrics and colours with which to build our cargo bikes. We carefully select our suppliers for every component – gear shifters, cassettes, derailleurs, tyres and brake calibers – choosing only the best parts. Our mechanics then mount and fine-tune these components before thoroughly testing them and finally delivering a perfect new Triobike to you.

let’s be safe

We care deeply about your safety and riding enjoyment, which is why we became the world’s first cargo bike company to be safety tested by the Danish Consumer Agency in 2004. We were also the first in the world to introduce 5-point seat belts to keep your kids snug and seated. An intensive quality control check is standard on all our bikes to ensure your new ride is assembled to perfection. We do all this so that we can rest easier knowing you and your precious cargo, be that bouncy kids, your dinner or valuable fleamarket finds, will always arrive safely at your destination.

let’s test

We’re always looking for new ways to test and improve our bikes. The initial prototypes of the Triobike cargo model were tested and fine-tuned over many years and under extreme weather conditions to ensure the highest quality. Today, every new Triobike is rigorously tested and fine-tuned before leaving our workshop. A quality control check is standard to ensure that every Triobike is assembled to perfection.

the way we collaborate

We are always open to interesting collaborations with like-minded people who share our passion for city biking and new ideas in urban mobility. This is how we grow and stay inspired. Previous collaborations have been with Royal Copenhagen, Cycling Without Age, Ritzau, Calvin Klein and Bauhaus amongst others. We look forward to many more.