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The Triobike cargo is a carrier bike that lets you deliver large loads anywhere in the city quickly and easily. Save on transportation costs, save the planet and save yourself a lot of stress… from kids to groceries or heavy boxes for small businesses and ‘unusual’ items, it’s no problem with Triobike cargo. Its lightweight aluminium frame is incredibly strong. It’s built for speed and agility, and looks beautiful! But is very versatile too: you can equip the front deck with a wide range of accessories. So, whether you’re a local baker delivering bread or a busy dad dropping the kids at school, Triobike cargo will let you beat rush hour and arrive on time and in style.

made to carry

The Triobike cargo can carry an impressive overall maximum load of up to 200 kg! And puncture-free tyres will give you complete peace of mind as you ride passed traffic jams and waiting buses. This cargo bike is a reliable everyday workhorse that makes large loads easier and city cycling more exciting.

agile & strong

The Triobike cargo has a seamless and lightweight aluminium frame that is incredibly strong with ‘side wings’ bent in 3D. The frame is carefully crafted in one piece to be resilient and durable. It also keeps you fast and sharp out on city streets. This carrier bike is built for speed and looks beautiful!

easy turn right

The Triobike cargo front wheel offers a bigger turning angle to the right. This makes the bike surprisingly easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

brake like a F1 car

The Triobike cargo is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the best available technology directly inherited from the car industry. Even at high speeds and with the front deck fully loaded, applying a small squeeze on the brake levers will get you to a full stop in a short distance.

don’t break a sweat

The Triobike cargo E gives you an extra push out on the road with the BionX D250 DV electric system. The motor is powerful, completely silent and as easy to charge as a cell phone. So, whether your carrier bike is fully loaded or not, steep hills and long rides will no longer be a problem.  You’ll always arrive cool, calm and collected (all e-systems provided by Triobike comply with EN 15194 standard).


colourful rides
for colourful minds

Triobike is all about your freedom to choose and express who you are. Our wide selection of colours, styles, features, accessories and customisation options will open up a world of possibilities for you to play with. Hood and seat colours never fade thanks to a special water resistant, fire tested and 100% UV stable materials.





choose your accessories

The Triobike cargo comes with a list of great accessories such as plywood panels, seats and hoods. We’ve also created a special two-kids box for families and a super-tough, theft-proof flight case box to keep your precious cargo safe at all times.

space for kids

With 62 cm of inner width, the Triobike cargo is among the widest 2 wheels cargo bikes on the market, and can easily host up to 2 kids. The seats are soft, comfortable and free from harmful chemicals, PVC or heavy metals. They come in a variety of colours like ‘petrol’, ‘cardinal’ or ‘grass’ and look great. Fearing those rainy days? don’t worry: we also have a complete selection of hoods for both 1 and 2 kids setups. Great rides are waiting you and your kids no matter the weather!

flight case box

When you run a small business, time is money. Attach the super secure flight case box to your Triobike cargo and speed through the city delivering on time, every time. The flight case box is large, lightweight, waterproof and strong, ensuring your contents are 100% safe. It also comes with a secure lock for complete peace of mind. Traffic jams are so yesterday.

riding on rails

Thanks to the one-piece steering rod, the Triobike cargo is capable of delivering a great riding experience, with a very precise feeling of direction. Together with the optional damper, the steering becomes smoother and easier to ride, even with a fully loaded bike in high speed on a bumpy road.

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