FAQ - Common questions about cargo bikes from trioBike

Is the trioBike wider than other cargo bikes?

No. All cargo bikes have a wheel width (distance between the two front wheels) of approx. 90 cm. This also includes the trioBike models. 90 cm is a good compromise, as it provides stable and maneuverable driving qualities and also provides space for the children and shopping bags. If the wheel width is reduced, it becomes unstable and has a tendency to tip over, when turning.


Does a trioBike have customized parts?

No. All parts are made from standard components, so no matter where you live, a certified bicycle mechanic will be able to service and repair the bicycle.


Is a trioBike expensive?

When you buy a trioBike, you get a safety approved carrier bike of a high quality with long life durability, small repair costs and a high resale value. The price of a carrier bike varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but a trioBike is not more expensive than other quality carrier bikes, directly compared.


What is the difference between a trioBike V2 (the original) and a trioBike mono?

The bikes are very different. The V2 model could separate the bike from the carriage, while the New trioBike mono and boxter models are permanent 3 wheel carrier bikes. All most all families can make due with a permanent 3 wheel carrier bike. The Mono model is the lightest on the market, has good driving properties and is approx. US$ 1100 cheaper than the V2 model. About 97% of our customers prefer the mono model.


Is the white bike easy to maintain?

Yes. Actually it is surprisingly easy to maintain. The pod itself is made of a solid colored plastic. Scratches and marks are therefore difficult to see and make the bike easy to maintain.


Where is trioBike made?

About half of the bike is manufactured in Denmark. This includes the pod, seats, safety belts, hood, stainless steel brackets etc. The bike itself is made in Taiwan. Taiwan is the leading manufacturer in the world, when it comes to high quality aluminum bikes. There are no European manufacturers of aluminum frames.


Do the hoods fade?

No. Our hoods do not fade. Each hood is hand sown (by order) by our hoop upholsterer in Denmark.


Can the bike be delivered to a home address?

Yes. We can deliver our bikes at your home address. The bike is built, then tested and checked before being packed and delivered at your home. The shipping price depends on where in the world you live and the means by witch we ship: by Ocean or Air. Please contact trioBike +45 36 70 00 70 or info@triobike.dk we will send you a shipping quotation.

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